“The Dirt”
Lab Highlights

Move-N-Learn tour of the Haworth greenhouses. Natalie gave an overview of maize and Tripsacum research in the Wagner lab currently underway.

Congratulations to Martel Ellis for being accepted to the KU EEB Ph.D. program!!!

Carmen tested out the new LICOR-600 on her children of the corn. She is taking plant chlorophyll and photosynthesis measurements. This experiment is determining if environmental isolates, from the bacterial genus Luteibacter, can confer drought tolerance to plants.

2022 Summer BBQ. Pictured (left to right); Felicity Tso, Carmen Rodriguez, Natalie Ford, Tokee Tareq, Amanda Eckhoff, Maggie Wagner, Joel Swift, Nichole Ginnan, Kayla Clouse, Ceyda Kural, Maggie Wilson, Yufan Zhou, and Martel Ellis.

Congratulations to Ceyda Kural for receiving a NSF GRFP Fellowship for 2021!!!!!